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Featured Links

Link Description
Tesla Old Tesla documentary
Bananaphone Eeeevillll
Urban Dead (free) MMORPG browser-based ZOMBIE game
Warning Label Warning Label Generator
MIT Labs Analysis of protective tinfoil hats
Strange But Trewe In just seven days, she'll knit you a... GI tract?
Neistat Brothers Science Experiments (and other videos)
Organic HTML Your favorite web site rendered as a plant
Mammalian Regeneration If true...
Flying Spaghetti Monster We don't just link mad science. Here is some mad religion...
Blue Lips Because I'm a sucker for morbid stuff... does that make me mad?
Planarity Maddening game or training for PCB layout?
Forgotten Technology Moving Massive blocks by hand... amazing
Artificial Meat Mad Lab-grown Meat
Scientific Integrity We may be mad, but we should be honestly mad.
OH YEAH! See also: [Z-Machine |
Kingdom of Loathing Mad. Really mad. This is in penance for not updating this list for ages.
FlyingPig Animated reference to various useful mechanisms
Mad Labs Mad Scientist Decor
Nebraska Scientific Eliminate the evidence
Greg Miller You don't have to spend a lot to build that death ray
There Are No Secrets To master the world, you must first master yourself.
Gateway to the Miraculous ... (sequel)
Custom Creatures Mad Taxidermy. Gotta have a mascot!
TeachSpin Probe the mysteries of the universe with these "teaching instruments"
eMachineShop To build your death-ray, you gotta have parts
Lindsay Technical Books How-to goldmine from the days before automation
Peter Gabriel 3 Songs of Madness
Forcefield Purveyor of awesome magnets at a good price.
Putty World Silly Putty-like substrance on STEROIDS. Great fun!
Girl Genius Mad Scientist training guide
Miniaturizer Making things small with electricity
Liquid Sculpture Amazing use of water
Electronic Paper
Miles per Dollar A _useful_ calculation
Mary-Sue Generator Name and describe your next lacky
Spider Awesome walking spiderlike machine
Graph Paper Templates Make your evil plans attractive.
Cool Things Being Made Coolness in Manufacturing
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