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Trimmed down to my basic recommendations -- use Google for everything else!

Link Cat. Description
Artificial Muscle Project Bio MIT
Artificial Muscle Research Institute Bio University of New Mexico
Artificial Muscles Bio JPL
McKibben Muscle Fluid The University of Washington has a good body of research data (including assembly instructions) for the McKibben pneumatic muscle.
Chain Guide Gear The complete guide to chain.
Hydraulic Formulas Calc from Gulf Coast Air and Hydraulics
Hydraulic Equations Calc Useful Equations for Designing Hydraulic Machines
Globe Motors Motor
Harmonic Drive Technologies Motor
Maxon Motors Motor Supposed to be the best
Molon Motor Motors
Tower Hobbies R/C R/C model supplies
Clippard Fluid Quality miniature fluid-power components
FESTO Fluid Components and Controls
Humphrey Fluid Good products, good prices
Parker-Hannifin Fluid Good products, fair prices
Pisco Fluid Excellent fittings (the best)
Shadow Robot Project Fluid McKibben muscles
Wilson Company Fluid My supplier of Parker products
ALife AI International Society for Artificial Life
Microsoft Research AI Free demos and downloads
Oz Project AI Interactive Drama and agents (no longer active)
Where am I? AI Systems and Methods for Mobile Robot Positioning
DonTronics MCU PIC simulator and other products
OOPIC MCU Hardware Objects
Anderson Power Connect Great power connectors
ESwitch Connect Very nice pcb mounted switches
Bolt Science Coupling Bolt Science are specialists in bolted joint technology, and in particular, analytical solutions to bolting and fastener problems.
Alberta Printed Circuits PCB Prototype printed circuit boards
Amitron PCB PCB Manufacturers
Electronics Workbench PCB Simulators, PCB layout
Express PCB PCB PCB fabrication with free layout software
PCB Express PCB Prototyping
LiveWire Display Electroluminescent fiber
Lumex Display Opto and Photo components.
4QD Control Speed Controllers for Battery Operated motors
Scott Edwards Electronics Misc Serial text/graphic LCDs, Serial Servo control -- nice stuff
Vantec Control Motor Speed Controllers
GPD2D02 Interfacing Sense Interfacing the GP2D02 parallex sensor
Images Company Sense Flex sensor
Tyco KidCam Vision Information on hacking their Kid's Camera
Evil Dead Clowns Haunt ePostcards of Evil, Dead, Clowns
Ironman Halloween Haunt Haunt and How-To. Highly recommended
DiStefano Productions Howto How to make convincing Corpses
Monster List of Projects Howto The #1 Haunted Project list
Chris Hillman Howto Animatronics, Robotics, and SPFX links
Terror Syndicate Howto Handbooks and more
Dry Ice Info Recipe
Blood and Bullets Howto ...for no-budget movies. And haunts?
Monsterpedia Info Encyclopedia of Monsters
Backyard Imagineering Howto Disney at home!
High School Tech Productions Howto Recommended site
IAAPA Haunt International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions
Transworld Haunt Halloween and Party Trade Show
Lure Making Tips Howto Do not underestimate the power of this material
Recipes Recipe Utterly Outrageous Recipes
Phantasmechanics Howto
Puppetry Howto Puppet building and materials
Vacuum Forming Howto Build a vacuum forming table
Bizarre Stuff Fringe You can make in you kitchen
Sonoluminescence Tech
Rocket Page Toy Water rockets
Gauss Rifle Toy magnetic linear accelerator
Skulls Unlimited Bone Head Bones
Constructor Toy Sodaplay's Web Widget of Doom
Railgun Tech Tabletop sized
American Headhunters Bone Bones
Anatomical Chart Company Bone Bones and more
Bone Clones Bone not Bones
Chemistry Chem Demonstrations and Delights
Chemistry Store Chem online chemistry supplier
Custom Osteo Bone Bone processing
Dangerous Laboratories Tech
Electrogravitics Reference List Fringe
Science Hobbiest Tech Bill Beatty
Electrostatic Invisible Wall Fringe
Dr. Vulture's Fun Laboratory of Evil Science
Tesla Engine Builders Association Fringe
Flying Pig Mech paper automata
Fossil Auction Bone
Fossilnet Bone Old bones
Glubco Toy
Gardening Fun
Gravity Society Fringe
Top Ten Mistakes in Education Info
Images Co. Supply
Mach's Principle Fringe
World Maker Fun Irony Games
Plastination Methods Bio
Plastination Methods Bio
LavaWorld Toy
Lindsay's Technical Books Info
Live Wire Supply Electroluminescent wire
MadSci Network Fun
Mad Science Education
International Society of Mad Scientists Fun
Make Stuff Tech just about _anything_
Make Magazine Magazine Cool construction 'zine
Archie McPhee Toy Purveyors of Popular Culture
Cellular Automata Explorer Toy
Nebraska Scientific Bone Dermestid Kit (in there somewhere)
Gyroscopic Inertial Thruster Fringe
Putty World Supply Silly Putty in Bulk! Woo!
Flo Control Tech Cat access control
Railgun Construction Tech
Society for Amateur Scientists Info
Dermestid Beetle Bone Starter kits
Pyrotechnics Supermarket Supply
Survival Research Labs Robot Producing the most dangerous shows on earth
Extreme Potato Cannons Toy
Stinky Meat Fun Home of Stinky Meat
Time-flow Clock Toy (fluid clock and java simulation)
Tesla Fringe Technology Research
VanDykes Supply Taxidermy supplies
Wild Goose Company Supply Science and Education
Forcefield Supply Powerful magnets for sale cheap
LParser Tech
Articulation Page Bone Bone Assembly
Fred's World of Science Tech
Copper Tube Handbook Ref Understanding copper tube & Working with copper tube
Carbon Fiber Composite and Kevlar, discounted fabrics
Fischertechnik Construct Coolest construction kits in the world
Grizzly Imports Tool Machine Tools
HeliCoil Fasten Nice fasteners
Lexan Plastic
Homebrew Robotics Club Club
DPRG Club Dallas Personal Robotics Group
PARTS Club Portland Area Robotics Society
Robot Group Club of Austin Texas
Seattle Robotics Society Club and the Encoder newsletter
SoftArm Robot The Theoretical Biophysics Group at the University of Illinois has a similar project in their SoftArm project.
MIT Cog Robot Stepping away from the literal interpretation of the arm is MITís Humanoid Robotics Group, with their Cog project and its mechanical arm.
Gore Galore Haunt Props
Haunt Master Anim Electronics, good stuff
Hollywood Halloween Effects Haunt Cheap props and stuff Cast
Douglas and Sturgess Art Sculpture and Art supplies
Blue Lips Haunt Stuff to indulge your morbid interests
Body Tek Haunt Body parts and contact lenses
Boneyard Bargains Bone Bones!
Terrory by Design Haunt All your staples from Denny. Good stuff!
Bucky's Boneyard Bone Bones from Anatomical Chart Company
Burman Industries Cast Premier supplier of foam latex
Used Equipment Network Tool
Castcraft Cast Moldmaking and Casting
Cemetery Surplus Cast Cast stuff
Chemistry Store Chem Propylene Glycol
Fake Fire Effect
Effec-tec Haunt
M-F Manufacturing Cast PVC Liquid Plastic in Bulk
Fluker Farms Bio Bugs. Some are edible. Really.
DWM Productions Effect High-pressure water fog
Funkins Haunt Foam Pumpkins
Special Effect Supply Effect
Gilderfluke Anim Robotics and Sound Systems
GlowBottles Effect Flourescent Dyes
Mainland Mart Effect Ultrasonic Foggers
Monster Makers Haunt Masks and Prosthetics
Omni Glow Effect Chemo-luminescent
Ottinger Display Anim Animated displays
Risk Reactor Effect Glow and UV stuff
American Science Surplus and Surplus
The Complete Sculptor Art Sculpting supplies and information
Small Parts, Inc Mech Awesome tiny Hardware and stuff
Smooth-On Cast Rubber and Plastic, casting and supplies
Statuary Art
Surplus Center Robot Surplus supplies
Theatre Effects Effect
Enco Tool Machine tools
Grizzly Industrial Tool Tools and Equipment
Van Dykes Bone Taxidermy Supplies -- eyes and stuff
Wildfire FX Effect UV lighting, paint, and effect
BSN Medical Cast As M-Pact Medical, was the absolute best source of plaster bandages
Simulaids Effect The BEST BLOOD POWDER EVER!
Prop HowTo Howto Some good Haunt how-to, including a vaccuum former.
Chemical Store Chem Chemical Store (online)

For good reference data, see Wikipedia.

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