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Scare for a Cure


Maker Faire
Scare for a Cure - New Stuff
Scare for a Cure - Stuff Re-used


Halloween Dance


Haunted Trails


Haunted Trails
  • PeeledFaces -- Silicon Faces of the Dead
  • FreshArms -- Flesh and Bones, some of my best work (Warning: 82 pictures)
  • DissectedLeg -- What we look like on the _inside_
  • BodyParts -- I left my heart in... ick!


Haunted Trails
  • CreepyDolls -- Set dressing for my haunt station, made by my talented wife!
  • WetGuts -- Using the WetCorpse technique to disembowel an actor.
  • MaxPuppet -- WetCorpse materials but an entirely different effect
  • SeveredHead -- How we decapitated Charles in a sword fight
  • HeadAndShoulders -- Lifecasting my wife to make a prop.


Haunted Trails
  • OldBones -- Bucky and wood stain, simple yet effective
  • DryCorpse -- Classic corpse technique
  • WetCorpse -- Modified corpses for that wet, gooey look
  • TombStones -- Pretty, if hard to read, foam tombstones


Haunted Trails
  • AnimStewart -- Popup corpse in a barrel
  • RideElevator -- Pneumatic ride for six people, recreating some of the sensations of an elevator out of control.
  • BurningGhost -- Pepper's Ghost with a flickering fire illusion... but the pictures are not very good.
  • FireFlicker -- Electronic flickering illusion. No pictures, just a description.

Other Work

  • AnimAlligator -- Pneumatic alligator that lunges most abruptly.
  • AnimAlien -- Mostly non-working alien lifter that I need to rebuild.
  • Trashcan, see Halloween1997 -- Simple monster that pops out of a garbage can.

See also the Haunted Trails pages and Mark Butler's Monster List Projects.



  • DrBrains 2007, promo work for 'No Country for Old Men at Alamo Drafthouse.
  • MajorTrauma 2007, award winning costume again, major head trauma
  • EdwinZombie 2006, just a simple thing for trick-or-treaters
  • CreatorOfGloria 2005, my award winning costume and pumpkin
  • JesterPriest 2003, in my hut of hanging dolls
  • EdwinDelTore 2002, and Robbespierre
  • PorkRind 2001, The many faces of Porkrind the clown

Haunted Trails

See also: The official Haunted Trails website at haunted-trails.com


Haunted Links

My creations would have benefited from discovering the Tom Carruthers website (now defunct) a year or two earlier than I did! However, there are other interesting links at the Monster Lab (currently down... note to self: check the link again soon).

Link Description
Halloween History Real Origins of Halloween
Links Links Page
Halloween-L Very popular Halloween mailing list
Hauntworld Less noisy haunted house mailing list
Methodz of Madness Mailing list focused on prop building
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