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I made the sunburst headboard several years ago. The Cat I made over the last year for my wife, as a Christmas present. Both are made from welded steel.


I've taken some classes and done a bit of jewelry over the years. Not much, but some. The cat on the left I made for Marla. It is done in precious metal clay and shows a certain rustic character that is part of its charm. The ring on the right I set and finished (but did not make) and I gave it to Marla one Christmas for our engagement.

I've made a bunch more silver clay work for 2006, which I'll eventually photograph.


Trees at Day

Trees at Night

I took these photographs in Eugene, Oregon, around the University of Oregon campus. Ummm, in the mid-1980's, probably.

Balloon Twisting

This section links my current reference works, available for your use.

Everything in this balloon section is released under the Creative Commons License. The highlights of this license are (1) Attribution: you can distribute this stuff if you credit me, (2) Noncommercial: You don't get to sell these works to other people, and (3) Sharing: you agree to freely share derivative works under this same license.

Help Me Help You

I need your help on two fronts.

1. The individual designs in the reference are not yet attributed to their creator. While many of them are "traditional" (e.g. their origins lost to the mists of time), some of them are probably unique works from a contemporary artist. Please let me know if you know who invented any of these.

2. This is a work in progress, and you can contribute to its greatness! If you send me your designs (original or otherwise, as long as it is credited), I will happily add them to the reference, with your name proudly attached.

Balloon Font

This font is used to create the balloon twisting reference below. This font blends nicely with Comic Sans.

Balloon Reference

I only have one-balloon figures in the reference right now. Note that I will be updating this from time to time!

Note that this is not a reference for beginners, but if you have been twisting for a while you should be able to read the notation.

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